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These glasses were designed for cycling and golf and the BOLT meets every demand of these sports. With their interchangeable lenses they are suitable for every weather. The version with our Phantom Court lens offer unique vision for tennis players, enhancing contrasts to highlights white and yellow colors on every court.


  • HD PHANTOM BROWN  Cat.2 to 3 -  ideal for sunny conditions, brown lenses amplify color contrast and deliver superior visual definition.

  • AERODYNAMICS - A special shape which allows the pipeline to better manage air flows of fogging, a mask shape integrated with the face and the system foil Air Intake.

  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS - lenses which vary its tone depending on sunlight to adapt to any climate situation.

  • OPTICS CONTROL SYSTEM - Interchangeable lenses give you the flexibility to change their lenses according to the climatic conditions.

  • RODS AND NASAL  PLATELETS  THERMOGRIP -  Hydrophilic nasal platelets and comfortable terminals rods keep the sunglasses on your website and let you concentrate on what you do

  • ADJUSTABLE NOSEPIECE - the shape and angle of the multi-plane nosepiece can be adjusted to accommodate any nose bridge for a truly custom fit. NOSE PADS -the hypoallergenic and durable nose pads can be tailored for a custom fit, giving you additional control and comfort.

  • OLEOPHOBIC / HYDROPHOBIC TREATMENT – this coating stops it before it sticks to your lenses and causes a distraction

  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENS - helps you stay on top of your game. By giving you the flexibility to match the lens to the condition, this system ensures optimum performance for any condition.

  • AVAILABLE IN PRESCRIPTION - Bolle B-Thinactive design patented technology allows us to offer prescription lenses to 99% of people who wear glasses. Whether they are hi-tech, performance sunglasses for professional cyclists or simply multi-use, leisure sunglasses, the Bolle B-Thin active design prescription programme provides a high-performance personalized answer to all wearers of single vision or varifocal lenses.

  • HD POLARIZED LENS -  align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times, whether its sea, trout stream or road.

  • ANTI-FOG TREATMENT P80+ - No fogging on your eyewear under any circumstance. Not only repels the fog that clouds your vision but is simply revived by an application of moisture. Our AF coating incorporates permanent resistance to fogging but also scratches and chemicals. The treatment is applied to the lens (no spray, no dip coating) for retained properties even after repeated washing and years of use.

  • Lens:       80 mm
  • Nasal:     16 mm
  • Rods:      129 mm
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