Gilbert Ball Replica Italia Mini

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Gilbert have designed a full range of International Replica Balls for a huge selection of countries across the globe.

Introducing the Italy Replica Ball. This replica ball is modelled on the exact ball used in their international games, this replica ball is an ideal way to support your country in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Italy currently take part annually in the Six Nations Championship, and every Rugby World Cup since it began in 1987, with their home ground being the Stade Olimpico.

The Italy Replica Ball is also ideal for games of backyard rugby with family and friends due to its standard grip and rubber compound surface for practicing your skills outside of training.


  • 2 ply backing material for good shape retention.

  • Standard grip.

  • Grippy rubber compound surface.

  • Hand stitched.

  • Synthetic latex bladder for excellent air retention.

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