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UPC : 5024686231898
Seller Reference : 89011002
  • Introducing the 320 Precision Kicking Tee. A great tee for players ranging from entry level to the top international players such as Jonny Sexton, due to its insane price and high quality features.


  • The 320 Precision Kicking Tee is made from moulded rubber EVA plastic allowing players to practice kicks with maximum power without damaging the tee. 

  • Its tough stable base gives an excellent support for the ball allowing players to develop their kicks to perfection. 

  • This kicking tee is available in three different colours: fluro, red and blue for the player’s preference.

  • 320 precision kicking tee suitable for all levels of play. 

  • Kicking tee with ‘sights’ & rounded ball supports for cleaner contact & improved accuracy.

  • Height 32mm

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