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UPC : 2011000925307
Seller Reference : 2-WRZ911000

One of the first multifilament strings to gain significant traction in the market, Sensation contains highly elastic nylon fibers that reduce dampening vibrations for enhanced comfort and playability. This string features two outer wraps applied in opposite directions to improve durability. Sensation lives up to its established arm-friendly reputation at a great value for multifilament.


  • Comprised of xycro microfibers with very high strength-to-weight ratio, providing arm-friendly comfort and playability

  • Microfibers bonded together using special DuPont polymer

  • Favorable vibration dampening characteristics

  • The original high-performance multifilament string

  • Gauge 16

  • mm 1.3

  • Length Reel: 660 ft / 200 m

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