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AED 47.00

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UPC : 2011001113215
Seller Reference : 2-WRZ4033BK

The Advantage Overgrip from Wilson is resistant to sweat and rain. Heavy transpiration and damp conditions are no problem for the Overgrip. The soft material assures that an agreeable hold and reliable grip can be relied upon. Blisters and pressure spots belong to the past. The material, does not cause the racket grip to become unnecessarily thick and so it continues to lie comfortably in the hand.


  • Excellent moisture absorbency.

  • Ideal skid resistance

  • Overgrip 0,55 mm thick

  • Resistant

  • Perfect absorption combines with an agreeable grip.

  • Ideal for moist conditions or heavy perspiration.

  • Optimal absorbent material to keep your hands dry

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