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$ 88.43 341.0 AED

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UPC : 887768728441
Seller Reference : 2-WRT89130U4

The Blaze 370 flashes a clean, sharp design and incorporates elements of lightweight maneuverability and substantial flex to deliver solid performance on the court. Ideal for aspiring players looking to get more comfortable with their game, this racket offers a generous sweet spot and a hoop shape tailor-made for good contact with the shuttlecock.


  • Micronized Carbon Fiber - Micronized composition maintains high capacity for lightweight power.

  • Soft Thumb Pad Top Cap - Thumb rubber padding optimized for ideal comfort and grip.

  • Quad Hoop Shape - Hoop shape enhances sweet spot for added power and forgiveness.

  • Micronized Carbon Fiber composition maintains high capacity for lightweight power

  • Quad Hoop Shape enhances sweet spot for additional power and forgiveness

  • Thumb Pad Top Cap provides soft rubber padding for comfortable thumb placement

  • Head-light balance optimizes racket maneuverability

  • Pre-strung

  • Length (cm)                                    67.5

  • Length (in)                                    26.57

  • Shaft Diameter (mm)                    7,0

  • Sub-Department                            Racket

  • Taper System (mm)                   10.5-10.7MM TB

  • Unstrung balance (cm)                   29.0

  • Unstrung weight (grams)          83

  • Maximum Tension                          26 lbs

  • Recommended String Tension 18-2

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