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AED 798.00

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UPC : 2011001118937
Seller Reference : 2-WR005411F2

Carbon Force Lite generates raw power through woven layers of carbon fiber in the paddle face and a Lite Density Foam in the core. The Lite Density Foam lends excellent responsiveness upon impact, while its lighter weight produces quicker swing speeds and easier paddle maneuverability.


  • Carbon Fiber Face features a strategically woven layer of carbon fiber that gives players the ability to hit with ultimate power

  • Tri-Hex Grip increases spin for players through a revolutionary texture

  • Lite Density Foam generates excellent paddle responsiveness at a lighter weight for less arm fatigue

  • Sharp Hole Technology uses an advanced hole-drilling process to grab the ball and enhance bite on all hits

  • Sublime Grip encompasses ideal blend of softness, tack and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on the surface

  • Padel Guard features transparent, aerodynamic tape for additional durability and protection


  • Thickness: 38 mm

  • Weight: 355 grams

  • Balance: medium

  • Player level: advanced and intermediate

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