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UPC : 2011001217487
Seller Reference : 2-WRT60250077

Wilson Club Shuttlecock with consistent playing characteristics and durability for recreational players of all levels. Wilson ball Badminton Club Shuttle Wilson Club feather badminton balls of the highest quality. It offers consistent playing characteristics and durability. Use is primarily recreational players of all skill levels while training and fun game.


  • Material: Duck feather/quality goose feather

  • Flight: B

  • Durability: A+

  • Pack of 12 feather shuttlecocks with natural cork heads for training and competition

  • Shuttlecocks with a speed of 77 (medium) ideal for a 22-28 Degree celsius temperature range

  • Natural-feather shuttlecocks: Ideal for long, intense rallies thanks to its rapid trajectory stabilisation

  • Each shuttlecock is carefully checked for its flight qualities

Product Dimensions 5.08 x 5.08 x 38.1 cm

Width                        12.48 inches

Item Weight                 200 g

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