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UPC : 2011001011559
Seller Reference : 2-WRZ538800-

Give your racket a spark of personality with these Emotisorb Dampeners, a fun pack of racket vibration dampeners that improve feel and absorb vibrations when balls hit the string bed. Pack includes 12 dampeners with assorted facial expressions, from chill to silly and everything in between.


  •  Reduces string vibrations for improved comfort and feel

  •  Designs feature variety of fun facial expressions:

  • [1]Angry Face

    [2] Sunglass Face

    [3] Grin Face

    [4] Angry Red Face

    [5] Tongue Out Face

    [6] Nerd Face

    [7] Winking Face

    [8] Surprised Face

    [9] Straight Face

    [10] Shocked Face

    [11] Happy Glasses

    [12] Confused Face 

    6 Vibration dampeners of each emotion are included as well as the display stand. 

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