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UPC : 2011001217623
Seller Reference : 2-WRT6048YE

WILSON Dropshot Shuttles 3 pcs Wilson Dropshot Shuttlecock combines durability and performance for players who want to take the next step in the game. 

Dropshot 3 Wilson shuttlecocks will prove themselves during a recreational game of badminton. The classic design ensures dynamics and smoothness of the game. The cork heads give the whole structure the right weight, allow strong rebound, and are resistant to damage and abrasion. Nylon baskets additionally increase the strength of the ailerons.


  • Pack of 3 badminton shuttlecocks with high-quality plastic skirt and natural cork heads for indoor and outdoor play

  • shuttlecocks with a speed of 77 (medium) ideal for a 22-28 Degree celsius temperature range

  • Plastic shuttlecocks: more resistant and hard-wearing than natural feather shuttlecocks

  • Ideal for recreational use

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