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The Wilson Hammer Ultra Light 110 PH squash racket is designed for beginners and intermediate level players seeking crushing power, great swing speed and easy manoeuvrability. It is ideal for an aggressive player who wants to keep pressure on their opponent and offers a combination of power and speed due to its super-light weight (110g). The racket comes strung with Wilson Sensation Strike string for a crisp feel and features a 12x18 fan string pattern that increases sweet spot and makes it more powerful than the Hammer Light 120. With a head heavy balance and a good-sized 76in2 (490cm2) head, it helps to create more power without compromising on precision. The Hammer Ultra Light is made using Hammer technology to shift the weight towards the head of the racket, ensure added stability and expand the sweet spot area for greater power potential. Thanks to Power Holes technology the strings move more freely upon ball impact which allows for generating more power on off-centre hits. Plus, Wilson have added hyper carbon material to the graphite frame to achieve more stiffness. The racket is available exclusively at Sweatband.com and has a protective head cover.



  • Uniquely designed string holes enable 56º string movement, which results in more power and increased sweet spot.


  • Hammer technology maintains the majority of racket mass, or weight, in the head of the frame to increase stability and power. As a result, weight in the shaft and handle is reduced, which provides a higher and larger sweet spot.


  • Hyper Carbon™ is a space age material used primarily by the aerospace industry in satellites and in state of the art aircraft. It's produced exclusively for Wilson by the #1 fibre supplier in the world. Hyper Carbon is the lightest, stiffest, and strongest material ever used in racquets. Benefits of Hyper Carbon Include: Incredible Stiffness, Exceptional Lightness and Superior Stability.

  • Head Size:                      76in2 (490cm2)

  • Weight (Unstrung):        110g (3.8oz)

  • Weight (Strung):            140g (4.9oz)

  • Balance:                          370mm (head heavy)

  • Length:                            26.9" (683mm)

  • String Pattern:                12x18

  • Frame Construction:     Graphite/Hyper carbon

  • Grip:                                PU grip

  • Head cover included

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