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AED 116.00

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UPC : 2011001119002
Seller Reference : 2-ZC1506

The Wilson ® Jet Squash Eyeguard is designed for squash and racquetball.

Wilson Squash Goggles The Jet goggles convinced by stable design. Slim weight Leichhardt. Suitable for squash, racquetball & Bike.


  • Black squash goggles for beginners and advanced players, unisex

  • Ultra-lightweight goggles, One size fits all

  • Wrap-around design delivers maximum protection and superior peripheral vision.

  • Distortion-free polycarbonate lens is scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant.

  • Anti-fog treatment on the lens eliminates fogging.

  • Compact design with windshield styling.

  • Ventilation holes to prevent fogging.

  • Lightweight and sleek.

  • WSF approved.

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