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Wilson OPTX AVP VB Replica NYC-

AED 111.00
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AED 111.00

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UPC : 2011001217975
Seller Reference : 2-WTH01120XB

The best players on the beach are always one step ahead. If you can predict the direction of the ball and react quickly, you are one step ahead too.The revolutionary design of the AVP Optx volleyball establishes a new approach to beach volleyball. The new VST ™ (Visual Spin Technology) uses strategic color variance to improve the ability of the human eye to intercept the rotation of the ball. A vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics make it easier to keep an eye on the ball in various environmental conditions during beach volleyball matches - clouds, sky, sand, water, crowds, etc. With the AVP Volleyball Ball Optx you will be able to control the game like never before.


  • Improved Ball Control: Vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics make it easier to follow the ball's trajectory in the dynamic and diverse environments of beach volleyball

  • Exceptional Perception of Rotation: VST ™ uses color variance to improve the perception of rotation, allowing you to guess the trajectory of the ball to react promptly

  • Durable Construction: It is the same handcrafted construction as Wilson's AVP volleyballs, which do not lose shape and optimize the player's feel

  • Made for the beach: AVP Optx was built specifically for beach matches and gamers, reinventing the look of the beach volleyball

  • Official AVP ball: play with the professional ball and conquer the whole beach with the official AVP ball

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