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UPC : 4549317566169
Seller Reference : MV600WM-6

Yonex precision MAVIS Nylon shuttlecocks are the closest you can get to traditional feather. Designed to have the same flight time as a feather shuttle, they give an accurate and durable performance with a traditional feel.

The hardness of the skirt – the feather part of the nylon shuttlecock – varies depending on temperature.


  • Gives accurate flight stability over a distance.

  • Properly inspected to ensure conistently fast recovery.

  • Made from lightweight yet durable material for long time use.

  • Ideal for use in different temperatures and environments for consistent performances.

  • The Yonex Mavis Series of nylon shuttlecocks are the most preferred shuttlecocks for beginners and recreational players.

  • It offers the combination of close-to-feather shuttlecock flight performance and four to five times more durability than an ordinary nylon shuttlecock.

  • Cost-effective

  • When smashed, a MAVIS shuttlecock recovers in only 0.02 seconds.

  • This performance is just 0.005 seconds slower than a YONEX Feather shuttlecock and 0.008 seconds faster than the recovery of an ordinary shuttlecock.

  • Developed using the flight timing of feather shuttlecocks

  • Made from high quality nylon fabric.

  • Dimensions ‎  24 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm; 0.1 Grams

  • Weight (in Kg): 0.2

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